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Internet Marketing Strategies – How it works

seo-650x400What makes a web site and Internet campaign that really works? It’s a balance of quality content, technology, tools, creativity and outreach that generates results. To achieve that balance you need more than a great designer – you need a company that can help you ask the right questions, and then help you answer them. Strategy is being able to ask the right questions to get the right answers.

As you get started you need to make some decisions: What’s your site’s purpose? Who’s the audience? How will you offer them a compelling message? What technologies should you use to keep your overhead low, yet allow you to update content, events and products with ease? With Evolved Design as your SEO partner your Internet marketing campaign will start with a clear picture of your audience, and continue to grow based on smart online advertising, search marketing and great website analysis. At Evolved we help you make sense of it all, before you invest a bundle or get locked into an iron clad corporate contract from one of the big firms, that over charge for work they don’t do what they promise. We have heard the horror stories from our client’s that have come from big firms and will never go back now that they found us.

Audience Analysis. Who’s going to look for you in a search engine? How is that audience unique? We answer these questions first through audience research, surveys and other methods, so that we have a foundation for intelligent keyword selection.

Search engine readiness. Your site must be coded using clean HTML code that complies with current standards. That creates a site that a search engine can easily read and add to its index, and yields the best long-term results. A well-coded site forms the basis for a successful campaign with a high ratio of content to code and the kind of fast-loading, accessible structure that search engines like to see.

Link Popularity. Search engines also look for your site’s ‘popularity’ – Google, Yahoo and the other major search players want to see sites that have incoming relevant links from other similar relevant sites. We will seek out relevant linking opportunities and already come with a large group right from the start. Resources include current Evolved Design clients, other similar businesses in other markets and online directories. We maintain an extensive database of directories and potential links for this purpose.

Truly ‘organic’ search engine marketing improves your ranking while improving the quality of your overall Internet marketing campaign. Note that accomplishing each of these goals will improve the overall value of your site, too: Improved HTML code will increase usability; content will teach visitors more about your product; increased link popularity will increase the legitimacy of your site.

Goals Analysis. Bottom line, a search engine campaign isn’t really about traffic. It’s about selling more, or getting more subscribers, or getting your message out to a wider audience for example. You have an objective in mind – your search engine optimization campaign should demonstrate a real return in that respect, or it’s not worth it. We make sure that we understand your goals – sell more, get votes, get the word out, increase traffic, etc. – and use them to drive all of our campaign decisions. We’ll also use these goals as one measure of campaign effectiveness.

Keyword Analysis. We work with you to generate a list of desirable keywords and phrases that, based on our research, present the best opportunities for drawing potential customers. Then, we test these keywords using our keyword phrase research tools. This formula helps us predict which keywords will generate the maximum click-thru’s. We revisit this step periodically to make any necessary changes to your campaign.

Architecture. We will help you bring the most relevant content to your site structure. It might be as simple as adding a home page text link to a previously buried page on your site. We might create a selective site map, or a more complete directory. Regardless of how we do it, we’ll help you create an architecture that makes sense to search engines and to your audience.

Creative. We will also work with you to add new, unique content to your site. This might include taking existing print materials and adding them to your site. We can also help you write new, original content. Evolved Design always helps you develop new strategies to constructively grow your site and search engine profile

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