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Search Engine Optimization

mws-seoIf you Ignore search engine optimization (SEO), then you are ignoring your customers. Most of your customers come from search engines. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling: The people who go online start at a search engine. 90% of those searchers click on the natural / organic search results. And a large percentage of them only look at the first couple pages at most. What this means is that if you are not at the top, you don’t exist.

Evolved Design ‘s SEO service gets you top rankings by giving search engines what they want: Great content & organization; clean design and SEO code; relevant inbound linking; easily-categorized content and a great local marketing campaign.

Getting started is easy: Call us at 407-865-2368 , or e-mail us. One of our consultants can help you plan and launch a campaign within days.

SEO Overview, The Process

Goals Analysis. Bottom line, a search engine campaign isn’t really just about getting more traffic. It’s about getting quality traffic from relevant short search phrases that epitomizes what services or products you are selling. You have an objective in mind – your search engine optimization campaign should demonstrate a real return in that respect, or it’s not worth it. We make sure that we understand your goals and use them to drive all of our campaign decisions. We’ll also use these goals as one measure of campaign effectiveness.

Keyword Analysis. We work with you to generate a list of desirable keywords and phrases that, based on our research, present the best opportunities for drawing potential customers. Then, we test these keywords using a keyword usage tracker. This formula helps us predict which keywords will generate the maximum results of your target market. We revisit this step periodically to make any necessary changes to your campaign.

Search Engine Readiness

Code review and revisions. We review your site for coding and design issues that might prevent a search engine from successfully ‘crawling’ your site. After recording the current settings and analysis we revise your site’s SEO, HTML code and where possible, content and linking structure to best optimize it for search engine visibility. This is one of the most critical steps in the process. You may even call it the foundation. Site readiness doesn’t just maximize visibility for you for the keywords we choose. It also opens your site up for high rank with keywords we don’t even anticipate, but mostly it generates good traffic. Even if you are a design do it yourselfer, we can work with you to do what needs to be done for optimizing your website. Remember, there is a huge difference between making a graphically pleasing website and a SEO friendly & functional website.

Link Popularity

We review how your site and partner sites link to each other, how they link internally, and which other web sites link to yours. Then we develop a structure that maximizes the link relevance of optimized pages on your site, and work to increase the number of ‘inbound’ links from other non-competing relevant website’s. We also cover all possible bases by submitting your site to our own list of free quality directories. This is 60% of what Google looks at and is why our Internet Marketing Package is right for you!

Ongoing Work

Search engine optimization is an ongoing effort. Once we complete each of these steps, we develop a plan for submitting your site to free search engines where needed. The fastest search engines (Google, Yahoo & Bing) will generally show results within 2 -12 weeks. The slower engines and directories will show results within 12 – 18 weeks.

Note that many major search engines, such as Google, no longer requires constant manual submissions. It’s usually better to get noticed because you’re linked from other relevant sites. We only do manual submission initially and after we change the content and SEO to speed up the re-caching of the website.

Search Engine Optimization: Keyword Selection

seoAny successful search engine optimization campaign starts with keywords. You must know the keywords people search for, and you know the questions they’re asking.

Evolved Design’s keyword optimization process is designed so that your SEO campaign is based on informed decisions, not guesswork.

Search engine optimization is fueled by keywords and phrases. Achieve a high rank for the right terms or phrases, and you have an opportunity to drive interested visitors to the exact information they need.

The trick, though, is finding the right terms and phrases. Use the wrong ones, and you can spend a lot of time and money pursuing the wrong market, or no market at all. At Evolved Design, we’ve built a comprehensive process that chooses keywords by balancing search frequency, competition, and relevance.

Search Engine Optimization: Code Optimization

What they don’t see, matters. Code is the most neglected aspect of search engine optimization campaigns. Well-written, standards-compliant code makes your site load fast, and opens it up to search engines.

Code optimization is part of successful SEO; it removes browsing obstacles from people and search engines.

Building a solid foundation. When conducting a search engine optimization campaign, ignoring the HTML design and SEO code is like leaving the foundation off of your house.

Search engines read the HTML that drives your site and uses that code to drive critical decisions in your site’s eventually rank.

When search engines index your site, they look at several factors:

• Content to code ratio: They want to see the highest possible ratio of code to content.

• Code accessibility: Search engine ‘spiders’ are very simple, and generally fairly standards-dependent. They need code that’s meets the current standards & compliant in order to access all areas of your site.

• More advanced search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, look for any attempt to deliver one set of keyword-rich but hard-to-read content to search engines, and another, more people-friendly version to everyone else. When they find this type of search engine spam, they may demote or ban your site. No long-term search engine optimization strategy should employ these kinds of tactics.

seo-1When Evolved Design optimizes your site, we use strictly ‘white hat’ methods to insure that your site’s HTML code & SEO is highly accessible. Our organic search engine optimization practices lead to a site that’s open and accessible to search engines. We don’t try to fool the engines by using questionable tactics, because we don’t need too.

When we’re done, your site presents the best possible target to search engines, because spiders can reach every piece of content, without impediment. As a bonus, your site loads faster and looks better in a wide range of browsers.

Copy writing for Search Engine Optimization

Content is still king. Even if your site is perfectly optimized, you need a good, relevant content in it. Otherwise your search engine optimization campaign will probably run aground. Fill your site with bad writing, though, and all the traffic you attract will leave again, in a hurry.

Our copy writing team can prepare and deliver content that reads well and offers the best possible target for search engines.

We’ll write, code and add content to your site that:

• Includes keywords and concepts relevant to your SEO campaign.

• Contributes to a genuine marketing goal, such as explaining a product, making it easy to purchase or contact you about.

• Doesn’t engage in keyword stacking or packing that would cause your site harm in the rankings.

• Is coded into an optimized HTML web page format.

• Is linked to and from relevant pages on your site to other relevant inbound links from non-competing businesses in your category of industry.

Evolved Design’s copy writing for SEO & Internet Marketing is not about gateway pages or other unethical practices. It’s about enhancing your site, keeping it fresh, and helping your customers at the same time.

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