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Reach your local customers who are ready to buy

90% of your potential customers call right after an online search. Local search results now dominate the rankings for most services. If you’re not there, you’re losing business.

Your local search ranking depends on:

• Listings in services like Google Maps, Bing Local and Yahoo Local Search;

• Articles or Reviews on other sites that serve local search and regional interests;

• Reviews on local search and review sites;

• Cities and Counties you service clearly written and coded into your website;

• Other cues that tell search engines where your business ‘lives’.

Local-Search-–-Google-Places-Yahoo-Local-and-Bing-Business-PortalTaking care of all of these factors is a huge time commitment: You have to go to dozens of local listing sites, submit your business listing to the major search engines, get your customers to review your business online and optimize your site. Chances are, you’ve got enough to do already.

Let Evolved Design handle it all for you. Evolved Design’s local search optimization package will put you in front of great prospects, right when they’re ready to buy.

What you get: How our local search program works

Your business is unique. Therefore, Evolved Design’s local search program focuses on four specific categories of local optimization:

Local search listings

SEO-LocalWe check that you already ‘own’ your local search listings on Google Maps, Bing Local, Yahoo! Local, Yelp, Etc. If you don’t, we help you get each listing set up and optimized.

This step is critical to protecting your brand and reputation, as well as getting a higher ranking. If you don’t control your local business center listings, someone else can! Plus it is generic and setup to draw it customers with your search phrases. We make sure your listing is secured and maintain it for you. We are up to speed with the latest techniques for merging you Google Organic results with your Google Maps account as illustrated below for the phrase “Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyers” in Google.


Initial Submissions

We submit your business to the many listing services like Google Maps, Bing Local and Yahoo Local. We make sure you’re listed and have correct information and keywords in each one.

This help gets you a solid local search ranking.

Your review’s

review-us-on-yelp_transparent_graphic_1To improve and maintain your local search ranking, you need a steady flow of reviews. We can’t get those for you, but we can make it easier. Evolved Design will help you site to make links to your local listings on the most popular review sites like Google+, Yelp and Avvo, Yahoo Local, etc.

And, it makes it easier for you to request reviews. Instead of saying “Go to Google Maps… Oh, you don’t have a Google account? How about Yelp? No? How about Avvo?…” you can just say “I’d love it if you did an online review of our company.


We will send you traffic data from Google Maps business center, so that you can see the number of clicks to your site. And, we’ll follow up with you almost every month via e-mail or a brief phone call to review onsite changes and advise you regarding the best way to get reviews from your customers and clients.

The ultimate rankings shortcut

Local-SEO1Search engine optimization (SEO) is hard, and it takes a long time. But local search optimization is a whole different animal. One that is becoming the Soul Mate of Organic Search Results.

There’s far less competition – very few businesses know about it, or have done the necessary work. That means you’re competing with far fewer businesses, and have a better chance of rising to the top, faster. Especially as I merge your accounts.

Customer response to local search listings is driven, in part, by your location on a map. Unless you have more than 9 competitors within a few miles of you, local search is a huge opportunity. It can also be used to expand your service area to your preference.

Local search results often show up at the top of the page, above the standard results. That gives you the ultimate rankings shortcut! Now the new feature of the merging of the listings is taking over that old model.


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