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Our Pay Per Click Advertising Process

Good news! If you don’t want to read this whole page, you don’t have to. Our process is simple: We highly suggest only focusing on Organic results from our internet marketing package. That is 95% of the market place. PPC is expensive and should only be used when your website is brand new and in what Google calls the “Sandbox”.

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seo-vs-sem1PPC advertising sounds great – bid more than the other folks, and get a top ranking on major search engines. But it can be a trap – bid on the wrong keywords, or focus on the wrong audience, and you end up spending a fortune without any measurable return. Attorneys pay between $10 – $100 per click in different cities and key phrase categories. Then your PPC agent might be clicking on your links everyday or more possibly, your competition to use up your daily budget.

The answer? Evolved Design’s Internet Marketing services. We will help you select the keywords that can generate the most traffic for organic results, and then track and adjust your campaign for best performance. Our process uses real-world data for a definite ROI:

Audience. First, we work with you to determine your audience. Who will search for you? Who will click on your Adwords, Your PPC audience will be different from the ‘natural’ search audience, or from visitors you get from other channels. We take this into account so that we can prepare the best keyword list and copy for your campaign, but there is a reason people chose the organic results first. They are more relevant!

Search Engines. Which platforms do you belong on? While Google is the leader in volume, don’t count out Yahoo or Bing and ignore the traffic and conversions you could be getting from there. Same goes for social sites like Facebook,

Myspace, Twitter, Avvo and a cornucopia of 2nd and 3rd tier niche engines like Ask, and LookSmart.

Goals. Why exactly are you advertising? The best PPC management is goals-driven, not ego-driven. We’ll work with you to figure out exactly what your PPC campaign should accomplish if you require one.

Keywords. We select the ‘niche’ keywords that will deliver the most relevant traffic for the lowest cost. We start with our unique keyword mining process, drawing on both PPC and natural search databases to provide the best coverage.

Copy. Then we craft relevant, well-written PPC ads that focus on each keyword group. By combining a clear, audience-focused call to action with the best keywords and phrase, we create the most effective and affordable PPC campaign.

Setup. We establish your campaign on the PPC services that offer the best exposure to your audience. At the same time, we make sure to install conversion tracking on your site.

Measure and Adjust. Then we continuously track campaign performance for click thru and conversion rate, and adjust each keyword group for the best performance.

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