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Analytics and Reports

Your internet marketing strategy is well-planned. Your website looks great, and all of the requisite tools are in place. But how do you know if any of it’s working?

google_analytics_reportWith Google Analytics and Evolved’s keyword phrase ranking reports. Every internet marketing campaign has some desired goals. You need to measure whether your efforts are helping you achieve those goals. Evolved Design can help, with powerful conversion tracking and reporting tools and the expertise to make it all make sense. You can view when are what search phrase they found you with, how long they were on the site and how many pages they viewed. We also provide you keyword position ranking reports for your main search phrases.

Google Analytics. Evolved Design uses the Google Analytics. With accurate measurement of unique visitors, page views, search phrases, referring sites, and day through year filtering we get a good, general picture of site activity. Tell Me More About Google Analytics

Evolved Design can create your custom Google Analytics dashboard login for your internet marketing campaign.

Custom Reporting. We provide you with Analytics, Search Engine Traffic & Rank Reports. We have plans to expand our website in the near future with a private intranet for our clients to view all there report and weekly search engine rankings in one place. Until that is complete, we will provide them for you privately via Email for now.

Analysis. None of this means a thing, if you can’t draw conclusions from the data. Our years of experience launching and tracking Internet marketing campaigns means we can deliver useful analysis of emerging trends on your site.

Results. Good data and intelligent review of that data means results. It also means you can track those results, learn the most effective online marketing strategies and tactics, and adjust accordingly.

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